Driver CPC Training

Driver Certificate of Professional Competence

Driver CPC training - What is it?

Driver CPC is short for "Driver Certificate of Professional Competence" This is a new qualification under the EU Directive 2003/59 which came into effect on September 10th 2009 (Lorry Drivers) and 10th September 2008, (Bus and Coach Drivers). This new legislation will have a profound effect on the transport industry as a whole.

Who will be affected by the Driver CPC?

All professional drivers of lorries over 3.5 tonnes, buses, coaches and Minibuses, unless they qualify for an exemption. All drivers with the following licence categories:- C1 C CE D1 D & DE

Why do I need the Driver CPC training?

It will be an offence for someone to drive without a CPC qualification and there will be penalties for those drivers who are not able to prove that they hold a driver CPC or DQC. (Driver qualification card) when challenged.

Who is asking me to do this Driver CPC training?

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) is responsible for implementing it in Great Britain and is working with transport industry representatives to ensure it is being introduced successfully.

What does the Driver CPC training INVOLVE?

As well as your driving licence, professional drivers will have to hold a Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC) which will be renewable every 5 years. You will have to undergo periodic training during those 5years to be able to renew your certificate.

When do I start the Driver CPC Training?

We would advise you to start as soon as you can for although existing drivers will be exempt from the initial training they must complete 35 hrs of Driver CPC training during the next 5 years.

Who can Provide the Driver CPC training?

Industrial Training Services are an accredited centre for Driver CPC training and it is only accredited centres who can offer this training.

Can I spread the Driver CPC training?

The driver has the flexibility on how they cover the 35 hrs training. For example a driver can complete a 2 day course in the first year a 2 day course course in the 3rd year and a 1 day course in the 5th year. We would recommend that you consider spreading the training over the whole 5 years. If you undertake 7hrs (1 day) per year you will have accumulated the 35hrs Driver CPC training necessary to obtain your card.

Can I spread the cost?

By taking 1 days Driver CPC Training per year this will automatically spread your Cost but please note. You must undergo a minimum of 7hrs training at any one time.

What's involved in the Driver CPC training course?

There are a basic 5 modules of training they are:-

  • Module 1 Drivers hours and Tachographs
  • Module 2 Safe vehicle Operations and Loading
  • Module 3 Safe and economic Driving
  • Module 4 Health and Safety in transport operations
  • Module 5 Systems & Procedures for Safe, Efficient and Secure Transport Operations.
See below for a breakdown of course content.

Why is Driver CPC training being introduced?

The aims of Driver CPC are to:-

  • Improve road safety
  • Recognise and accredit skills for professional bus, coach and lorry drivers
  • Encourage drivers to continually update their skills and knowledge
  • Raise the status of bus, coach and lorry drivers to promote driving as a career

Will Driver CPC training apply to foreign Nationals?

Yes, Driver CPC applies across all EU Member States therefore all of those drivers will be required to qualify and hold a driver CPC in exactly the same way as UK drivers.

What are the Exemptions to the Driver CPC?

You will not need a Driver CPC if the vehicle you drive is:-

  • Not authorised to exceed 45KPH
  • Being used by or under the instructions of the armed forces
  • Undergoing road tests for technical development, maintenance, repair
  • Being used in a state of emergency as part of a rescue mission
  • Being used for driving lessons and CPC qualification
  • Not being used to carry passengers or goods for commercial purposes

For further information go to the course breakdown or:
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